Corporate Booking Accounts

At Brisbane Gateway Resort we like to make things a little easier when it comes to organising the accommodation requirements for your company or business.

By setting up a Corporate Booking Account with us you will be free to book accommodation for your company representatives at any time.

Simply complete the enquiry form below and a Corporate Account Manager will contact you to discuss your requirements. Negotiated rates can be discussed at the same time. 

A Corporate Booking Account can be set up in one or two business days, depending on your requirements.

Corporate Booking Account Enquiry

Contact Name:
Role in Company: 
Company Name: 
Contact Email Address:

Daytime Phone Number:

Stay Information
The expected length of stays are:
(select all that apply)
 < 1 week 1 to 4 weeks
 4 to 12 weeks   3 to 6 months 
 > 6 months    
The company's accommodation policy requires: (select all that apply)
   Separate accommodation units for each person 
   Separate accommodation units based on gender 
   Separate bedrooms for each person
   Only one person in each bed (no sharing of double beds)
   Separate accommodation for managers or supervisors
   Provision for accompanying spouses and/or family members 

Additional Requirements/Comments
Please let us know if you have any additional requirements, comments, or simply tell us how you found out about us.


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